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[WEIGHED - READ DESCRIPTION] Pokemon TCG Japan: Paradigm Trigger Booster Pack

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Paradigm Trigger, the 2022 Japanese Pokemon card set features the fan favorite Lugia in V, V star, and Full Art V (Secret Rare or SR in Japanese) 

  • 5 cards per pack

[READ BEFORE PURCHASING] This shipment of booster packs came in as individual booster packs. We strongly suspect that these booster packs have been weighed beforehand by the original seller. Weighing is when a seller opens up booster boxes, weighs the packs and keeps the heaviest packs. The heaviest booster packs are more likely to have full arts, rainbow rares and gold cards in. Of the 20 booster packs PokePlug personally opened, we only had 5 holos and at most were VSTAR holos. The cost of the packs has been reduced to reflect this likelihood.