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Pokemon Unown Packs: Japanese Edition One

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Unown Packs are a PokePlug original product that contain at least 4 holo Japanese Pokemon TCG cards and one sealed Japanese booster pack. The packs are sealed, mixed and randomly distributed...the contents unknown until they arrive at your door.

Each pack will include:

  • At least 2 holographic rare cards or V cards
  • 1 reverse holo or better card
  • 1 art rare of higher card (art rare, full art, rainbow, PSA graded card, holographic promo, shiny Pokemon, VMax, VStar, EX, amazing rare, radiant pokemon or gold card)
  • A modern Japanese Booster pack (Scarlet EX, Star Birth, Pokemon 151, Raging Surf or Ruler of the Black Flame)

God Packs

Themed packs are randomly included among the set, which are of higher value than normal packs. 

Chase cards

Graded PSA cards from the original base set, alternative art cards and other premium cards are included in the set. There is a 1/6 chance of a premium card being pulled from a pack.